World Economic Forum launches “EDISON Alliance”

What is the News?
The World Economic Forum has announced the launch of an Essential Digital Infrastructure and Services Network(EDISON) Alliance.

About Essential Digital Infrastructure and Services Network(EDISON) Alliance:

  • Aim: To work towards ensuring global and equitable access to the digital economy.
  • How will it ensure equitable access to the digital economy? The alliance will work with governments and industries. It will accelerate digital inclusion and will ensure cross-sectoral collaboration between the technology industry and other critical sectors of the economy.
  • Advisory Board: An expert group of Champions Leaders board will advise and support the Alliance. The board will be chaired by Verizon’s Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg.
  • Secretariat: The World Economic Forum (WEF) will serve as the secretariat and platform for the Alliance.

What was the need of the alliance?

  • Access to digital technologies has enabled many to work, learn and live during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • However, the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated existing digital gaps and inequalities in the global population.
  • Some 3.6 billion people remain offline and broadband services are too expensive for 50% of the population in developed countries. This hampers access to health, education, and economic inclusion.

Source: The Hindu

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