Worrying trends in nutrition indicators in NFHS-5 data

News: The National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-5 data provides certain key data regarding the level of nutrition in the country.

What are the findings of NFHS on nutrition?
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What are the challenges associated with the NFHS data?
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What are suggestions to improve the situation? 

One of the reasons behind slow progress on nutritional indicators is the foundational nutritional deficit. The percentage of children below two years receiving an adequate diet is very low. Thus, for a rapid improvement in nutritional indicators, foundational nutrition must be improved.  

India’s nutrition programmes must undergo a periodic review. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), which is perceived as the guardian of the nation’s nutritional well-being must reassess itself and address critical intervention gaps. 

The fertility divide can have several socio-economic and political repercussions. Thus, adequate attention must be given in the policymaking and social levels to this issue.  

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Source: This post is developed based on the article “Worrying trends in nutrition indicators in NFHS-5 data” published in Indian Express on 7th January 2022.  

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