Write your last, but best Mains Mock test with us! | 15th September | Register Now!

Dear Friends,

What if you could write the Mains once before the actual Mains examination?

There is no mock test better than the actual UPSC Examination. True, we agree.

The stress and discipline of writing the Mains examination is only experienced in the actual examination for may candidates.

However, every year, it is only after writing the Mains examination that candidates – especially first timers realise

  • Actual time management issues
  • Actual speed in examination
  • Actual fatigue in the 4 days process
  • Whether your pen/ hand will support you for 27 hours of writing?

Not only that, but candidates also see that their writing speed gets enhanced after the Mains, but by that time the exam is over!

What if you knew your lacuna before realising in the actual Mains Examination?

Just like people who have already written the UPSC Mains Examination last year!

We invite you to write the Test in simulated exam environment as per the below schedule with us.

Write your last, but best mock with us.

[ For Testimonials, Abhishek Surana from New Delhi Center and Pushplata from Gurgaon Center , ended up with Rank 10, and Rank 80 in CSE 2017. We hope some of you do that this year too πŸ™‚ . ]


Note :


  • You must report to the venue 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination
  • This year we have added compulsory paper of Hindi and English as well
  • Solutions will be provided for GS Papers only within 48 hours of the test , in PDF format.
  • Optionals Available are Anthropology, History, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Public Administration
  • Your must register for the Open Test before 13th at http://academy.forumias.com . You must be logged in to register.
  • You will get the hall ticket by 14th September, 5PM
  • A nominal fee of Rs. 500 is to be paid for GS+ Essay and Rs. 600 for GS+ Essay+ Optional
  • No fees are to be pad by Batch A, B/ B ( Alternate ) and C of MGP, but online registration is mandatory
  • There will not be any evaluation of the tests. The tests are to be written for practice purpose.
  • Please help us with enforcing the discipline and the timelines. Help us help you!

If you are a first timer, we strongly recommend your write these tests with us!

Any suggestions for us?

Write to us at ravi@forumias.com

Wishing you Success,



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