Thank you everyone for your response to my last post. If if you have not yet read it, you may see my previous post below

I also sought answers from the people I work with, and assist in IAS preparation,  on what commonality they find in people with good scores. I also got good comments on the previous blog post, which aptly sums it up

And here is the response:

Response from Rahul
1. Strict adherence to demand of the questions
2. Parts of question are clearly visible by giving 1-2 lines’ break
3. Neat presentation overall
4. Crisp language – keywords used
5. Brilliant use of diagram in Mittali’s copy
6. Good introduction and conclusion
Response from Prachi
1. intro is brief, one line definition
2. sub headings made from keywords mentioned in question
3. neat and well spaced lines
4. points supported with facts
5. use of diagrammatic representation to improve readability
6. more points per subheading
7. maximum utilization of space by diving pages in sections

I am posting yet again, this year, a video that I made last year for guiding candidates, trying to aid in scoring well. It was a minutely small audience, and here it is :

Please download this file for you to get the context of the video

I hope you are able to make sense of it, and are able to benefit from it. See you implement this in Mains Marathon / your test series and see for yourself how your marks increase and clarity increases.

As I have often said, things I may have said  may range from being obvious to some, to being very cliched and known to others, depending on your attempts history, exposure, knowledge level and peer group.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Do awesome!


Until Next Time,



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