YEAR END REVIEW 2021: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

What is the News?

A number of major initiatives were undertaken by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways during the year 2021. 

Several of them are

PM Gati Shakti – National Master Plan (NMP)

Vehicle Scrappage Policy

National Highways: The pace of construction has increased from 12 km per day in 2014-15 to 37 km per day in 2020-21 (by more than 3 times).

LIDAR technology 

Bharat series (BH-series)

E20 Fuel

Scheme for Compensation of Hit & Run Accident Victims: Ministry has come up with a draft Scheme for Compensation to Victims of Hit & Run Accidents, 2021. The scheme has proposed compensation to be paid in case of death of a person in a hit-and-run accident to ₹2 lakh, from ₹25,000. Compensation of ₹50,000 from ₹12,500 has been proposed in case such an accident causes “grievous hurt”.

The Government of India inaugurated the country’s first Private LNG Facility plant at Nagpur.


Reward Scheme for Good Samaritan

Electronic Monitoring and Enforcement of Road Safety

Vintage Cars Policy

National Road Safety Board: The Board shall be responsible for promoting road safety, innovation and adoption of new technology and for regulating traffic and motor vehicles. The Board’s Head Office shall be in Delhi, and the Board may establish offices at other places in India. The Board shall consist of a Chairman and up to 7 Members to be appointed by the Central Government.

Source:  This post is based on the article YEAR END REVIEW 2021: Ministry of Road Transport and Highwayspublished in PIB on 22nd January 2022.

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