Year End review 2021 on highlight key Initiatives and achievements pertains to Department of Fisheries

What is the news?

The Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying has implemented several initiatives in the year 2021.

What are the initiatives launched by the Department of Fisheries in 2021?

Fisheries Sector

Fisheries sector has been recognized as a ‘Sunrise Sector’ and has demonstrated an outstanding double-digit average annual growth of 10.87% since 2014-15.

India is the second-largest fish producing country in the world, accounting for 7.56% of global production.

The sector provides livelihood support to about 28 million people at the primary level and almost twice the number along the value chain.

Schemes and Programs

– Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY)

– Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF)

– Kisan Credit Card (KCC)

– Announcement of Seaweed Park in Tamil Nadu

– Development of 5 Major Fishing harbours as hub of economic activities: Around five major fishing harbours – Kochi, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Paradip and Petuaghat will be developed as hubs of economic activity with world-class infrastructure and amenities, seamless and quality cold chain and Hygienic handling and reduce post-harvest losses.

Matsya Setu App

– Sea Cage Culture: Sea cage culture involves growing fishes in the sea while being enclosed in a net cage which allows free flow of water. It is a production system consisting of a floating frame of varying dimensions and shape, net materials and mooring system, to hold and culture many fishes.

– River Ranching Programme 

– World Fisheries Day (WFD): It is observed on the 21st November every year. It is celebrated to demonstrate solidarity with all fisherfolk, fish farmers and concerned stakeholders throughout the world. It was started in the year 1997 when “World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers” met at New Delhi.

Source:  This post is based on the articleYear End review 2021 on highlight key Initiatives and achievements pertains to Department of Fisheries published in PIB on 11th January 2022.

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