Year-end Review: Ministry of Ayush

Source: The post is based on the article Year-end Review: Ministry of Ayushpublished in PIB on 22nd December 2022

What is the News?

The Ministry of Ayush has launched several initiatives and schemes in 2022.

What are the schemes and initiatives launched by the Ministry of Ayush in 2022?

WHO – Global Center for Traditional Medicine (WHO – GCTM)

Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit(GAIIS) 

During the summit, many new initiatives in Ayush sector were announced such as 1) special Ayush Visa category for foreign nationals who want to come to India to take advantage of Ayush therapy, 2) special Ayush mark for Ayush products and 3) developing of a network of Ayush parks to encourage the promotion, research and manufacturing of Ayush products across the country. 

One Herb, One Standard: An MoU has been signed between the Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy(PCIM&H) and Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) to fulfill the objective of “One Herb, One Standard and One Nation”.

Ayush Grid Project

Ayush Ahara: Ministry of Ayush and Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has formulated regulations of safety & quality standards for food products under ‘Ayurveda Aahara’ category. 

– This comprehensive initiative will ensure manufacturing of quality Ayurveda food products and help in expanding the international market for Make-In-India products.

– A special logo has been created for “Ayurveda Aahara” category which will enable easier identification and reinforce quality in Ayurveda food products.

International Day of Yoga 2022: The theme was ‘Yoga for Humanity’ and this edition highlights the importance and contribution of Yoga in serving humanity all over the world.

– This year many new initiatives took place like the ‘Guardian Ring’ program, which was a collaborative exercise between 79 countries and United Nations organizations along with Indian Missions abroad to illustrate Yoga’s unifying power that surpasses national boundaries. 

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